Sam had been living beneath a bridge for fifteen years. He didn’t want to live under a bridge at 77 years old but his modest Social Security payments weren’t enough to cover his living expenses, and the crowds and loud noises in homeless shelters triggered his severe PTSD. So rather than enter the shelter system, he braced himself against the winter cold with cardboard, blankets, and plastic and slept under a bridge.

This year, Sam is spending the Holidays in his new home. In September, Sam turned a key in the front door of a Hub Studio, and thirty days later, he moved into an apartment of his own.

We built the Hub Studios as a temporary stop for people whose needs aren’t met by other shelter or temporary housing options. People just like Sam who are searching for “home”. The studios are iconic, beautifully designed, and finished to convey a sense of worth. We outfitted them (thanks to our partners at IKEA) with comfortable furniture and fixtures and designed them to be smart, strong, and scalable.

Next year, we’re building forty more. We’re also building the region’s first barrier-free shelter for women, a day plaza, and expanded Hub operations center. Thank you for joining us in Creating Kindness.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Hub!
Thank you.
Kelcey Johnson