Our team of experienced Case Counselors work closely with each guest to co-create individualized pathways out of homelessness. Whether it’s finding a safe place to stay, getting a state ID or birth certificate, or connecting to a partner agency, our Case Counselors help each guest navigate the journey out of homelessness.

A Welcoming Space
From the Hub Plaza, our outdoor green space, to our reception area and Community Room, we strive to create an inviting, safe, and comfortable space for our guests to relax. While they prepare to meet with a Case Counselor, guests can use any of our free services, including coffee, public restrooms, phones and WiFi, mail services, and COVID testing.

Co-creating a Path Out Of Homelessness
Our Case Counselors meet individually with each guest to understand the challenges they face in moving out of homelessness and work together to address those challenges. This can include assistance with acquiring vital documents such as a state ID or birth certificate, referral to partners for additional services such as shelter, physical and mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment, housing, and much more.

Cooling and Warming Center
The Hub operates the City’s Emergency Cooling/Warming Center during extreme weather, providing a place of safety and kindness for the unhoused population to shelter from dangerous conditions. During Cooling/Warming Center events, we open our doors to those in need of respite from the heat/cold, while working to help guests find more comfortable overnight shelter.

In addition to the essential work done by our Case Counselors, we partner with organizations, healthcare institutions, and businesses to use the Hub campus to provide services to members of the unhoused community. We are grateful to our partners who come to the Hub on a regular basis to help our guests meet a variety of needs on their journey out of homelessness including connections to employment opportunities, assistance with food stamps, legal advice, and healthcare services. Read more about our partners here.

Volunteer Groups
We also encourage volunteer groups to use the Hub Plaza to provide essential resources and services to those experiencing homelessness by serving meals, offering free services such as hair cuts and health checks, or giving out useful items such as hygiene kits. For more information on using the Hub Plaza, please contact Serrie Fung, Community Relations Manager, at serrie@hospitalityhub.org.