On April 10th, a guest named Talia (we’re using a pseudonym to protect her privacy) arrived at the downtown hotel where the Hub is operating a shelter for 20-25 women per night. She was eight months pregnant and relieved to be in a safe place where she could practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Talia arrived, a volunteer purchased maternity clothes and our staff immediately began working to secure permanent housing for her.

Over the following several weeks, we drove Talia to medical appointments and took her to the ER when she was experiencing severe leg cramps. Guests without an income, including Talia, receive a $40 stipend each week to spend on snacks or other needs in addition to the three meals provided by Room In The Inn volunteers.

Our staff was grateful to have ample time to get to know Talia and understand her circumstances. Eventually, our caseworkers were able to identify housing that aligned with her goals and are now acquiring furniture from donors for her new home.

Hub Staff and guest
Hub Staff
Hub Staff
Pictured above: Members of the Hub staff.

Talia’s story is just one of dozens of examples of how our staff has served guests since we started operating an emergency shelter on March 17th. Together with our partners and donors, here’s what else we’ve accomplished so far:

  • 8,500 nights of safer-at-home shelter for people experiencing homelessness

  • 31,000 individual meals served

  • Over 100 stimulus checks applied for (45 received)

  • 12 individuals permanently housed

  • 0 positive tests for COVID-19

We have secured funding to continue operating the downtown hotel for another month. At the second hotel location, our staff is working diligently to make sure guests who are losing access to hotel vouchers in the coming weeks have access to other options for shelter. We’re also exploring longer-term solutions to ensure that people experiencing homelessness are safe as the pandemic evolves.

We’re grateful to have you as part of our community,
The Hospitality Hub Team