Hospitality Hub | Helping the Homeless in Memphis


Connecting individuals with the resources they need to begin their journey out of homelessness.

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Terry and Cathy’s wedding guests,
please see video below.

Friends of Terry & Cathy, please click the photo above.

Willie Carruthers

Mr. Carruthers had never been to Memphis. He grew up in a small Mississippi community where alcohol was always available, but treatment for addiction was not. READ MORE

Ray C.

When possible we attempt to get our guests jobs in other cities – especially if it provides our guests the security of a place to sleep at night that is near their workplace. READ MORE


Due to circumstances beyond my control I was homeless and living in a tent by the Mississippi River. And I got pregnant. I needed some help fast. READ MORE

Bill Kolb

has been volunteering at the Hub for about two years and have constantly been enriched by the experience. It is work that is purposeful and meaningful. READ MORE