Hospitality Hub – Helping the Homeless in Memphis Hospitality Hub – Helping the Homeless in Memphis

The Hospitality Hub is launching an innovative program to improve our community through job access and blight reduction. The new program will transport job-seeking panhandlers to cleanup sites twice a week, where they will work to reduce urban blight. Workers are provided with food, a day’s wages, and additional services and counseling as needed.

The Hub’s new program focuses on three goals: providing a safer way to earn money than panhandling, connecting people who panhandle with available services and resources to move them toward better futures, and contributing to the beautification of Memphis by cleaning up blighted areas of our city.

The Hospitality Hub constantly strives to engage local businesses and agencies who have a vested interest in their communities and are motivated to assist with creating a more livable city.

Projected Impact in First Year:

  • 1,040 daily jobs provided
  • 104 blight abatement projects completed
  • 80 clients moved into permanent jobs