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Career Opportunities at the HUB

Director of Public Relations

The Hospitality Hub works with individuals to discern solutions to the complicated problem set of poverty most commonly called “homelessness”. We are dedicated to systemic change towards a better community for all Memphians.

Our team are creative, street savvy problem solvers. We are collaborative self-starters on the brink of significantly expanding our capacity, and we are hiring with that in mind.

1. Manage the Hub’s growing data set
2. Prepare annual report
3. Prepare and track donor-base correspondence
4. Create and implement ongoing strategy for website and newsletter
5. Participate in executive and strategic planning, taking minutes and coordinating follow-ups among stakeholders

Answers to: Chief Strategic Officer

Starting Salary: $42K with 10% increase after year one exemplary review. To apply, send your inquiry to Jarad Bingham,